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Simplifying Cybersecurity to Take on Complex Cyber Threats
In today’s ever-evolving IT landscape, cybercriminals are relying on sophisticated ways to launch innovative cyber-attacks. Legacy cybersecurity systems have time and again failed to thwart these attacks causing significant financial loss and damage to reputation. To effectively counter these threats, it’s imperative for businesses to transform and modernize their cyber defense.
Seqrite’s Zero-Trust Integrated Cybersecurity Solutions
Seqrite Data Privacy
Seqrite Data Privacy enables businesses to discover, categorize, and identify sensitive information scattered throughout corporate resources and ensures seamless compliance with global data privacy regulations.
Key Features:
Seqrite Endpoint Protection
Seqrite Endpoint Protection (on-prem and cloud) shields businesses’ entire IT ecosystem from ransomware, phishing, and advanced persistent threats. Equipped with a host of GoDeep.AI-powered features, it ensures holistic security for enterprises’ network and connected devices.
Key Features:
Seqrite Enterprise Mobility Management
Seqrite Enterprise Mobility Management creates a safe mobile ecosystem for businesses. It ensures the security of enterprise apps on Android and iOS devices through a unified web console, eases enterprise BYOD management and allows businesses to provide secure mobile devices to their employees while eliminating the risk of data loss and theft.
Key Features:
Seqrite MDR
Seqrite MDR is a comprehensive security offering, remotely delivered by experienced professionals from Seqrite Labs, that involves detecting and responding to cyberattacks that may target our customers’ IT assets, such as servers, networks, cloud workloads, email accounts, etc.
Key Features:
Seqrite XDR
Seqrite XDR is an advanced incident response tool that incorporates data from multiple security products into a unified security operations system to deliver holistic protection against cyberattacks. It centralizes, normalizes, and correlates data from various sources, thus enabling real-time cross-control-point protection while simplifying and strengthening the security processes
Key Features:
Seqrite EDR
Seqrite EDR (available as both on-premise and cloud-native versions) continuously monitors and gathers data from all endpoints in the corporate environment, streamlines alert management, and offers the visibility and context necessary to identify and address complex threats.
Key Features:
Seqrite ZTNA
Seqrite ZTNA enables organizations to strengthen their security by enforcing a Zero Trust Network Access paradigm. Our secure and centralized platform eliminates the need for VPNs while providing complete visibility on all user activity, ensuring maximum protection for your enterprise applications and services.
Key Features:

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