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Bespoke and curated Threat Intelligence and Incident Response
Digital Asset Management
The Digital Asset Management solution provides the business with a range of services to discover, track, catalog, monitor, and secure these assets. The suite of services work through a variety of levels, from network to the application, to provide holistic security management. The services afford a full and unique visualization of all digital assets, from the owned and controlled assets, to rogue, unauthorised, malicious, and shadow IT.
Threat Intelligence
The iZOOlogic Platform is essentially data mining the internet and dark web for client specific cyber threats. The platform monitors millions of data points such as messaging spam, compromised websites, servers and IPs, IoCs, malicious files and malware, Domain and DNS data, threats across the social and mobile networks, and more, to form a deep set of contextual data. Enriched data will provide intelligence of phishing campaigns, malware, Botnets, Spamming Sources, Domain spoofing, and help detect against other cybercrimes such as Business Email Compromise attacks, spear phishing, phishing spam, network malware – and will act as a proactive and first line of defense.
iZOOlogic provides a DMARC SaaS platform that seamlessly integrates into the threat detection and management services to provide a fully outsourced Managed Security solution to enhance the Digital Threat and Anti-Phishing solutions.

iZOOlogic provides a full end to end solution, from domain audit, implementation and configuration of DMARC, SPF, and DKIM, through to threat management and resolution. The consultative process balances the security policies with email deliverability to achieve the appropriate level of enforcement and protection.
Phishing Solutions
iZOOlogic employs a variety of proprietary techniques and methodologies to provide robust suite of phishing solutions. iZOOlogic will provide real time monitoring of eChannels, deploy a range electronic counter measures, provide pre-attack intelligence and pro-active detection. iZOOlabs will provide a platform to details incident and forensic analysis to mitigate current attacks. iZOOlogic provides a swift response to those phishing sites that are targeting our clients.
Digital Risk And Compliance
iZOOlogic solutions will assist the business in the areas of risk and digital compliance. iZOOlogic solutions reduce reputation risk, reduce revenue losses from cybercrime, and reduce risk and exposure to transacting online and reduce fraud losses.

Government and Industry Regulatory agencies as well as market expectations are placing an increasing compliance burden on banking, financial and other businesses. Operational and compliance risks now present the business with an emerging and complex set of challenges increasing the risk for failed processes and deliverables.
Data Loss Recovery
iZOOlogic Data Loss Recovery can identify and recover, Compromised Bank Account Information, Cloned Credit Card Details; Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as Customer / Employee data; Private / Sensitive Documents relating to the business; Hacking documents and tools; Leaked Source Code; Copyright / Trademark infringement; Technical Information / Data that could be used to target corporate systems.

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