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Infraon Infinity for Enterprises
Integrated, and Modular ITOps Product Suite for SMEs and Enterprises
End-to-End Asset Management
Manage all hardware and software assets with full control over lifecycles of networks, servers, desktops, CCTV, VOIP phones, software, etc., from planning to retirement. Maximize the ROI of assets with real-time monitoring, integrated data insights, custom alerts, and least-privilege access.
Real-Time Network Management
Significantly reduce network connectivity issues and outages, ensuring seamless operation and communication. Remotely scan network devices to identify faults based on patterns for timely diagnosis of potential issues and leverage integrated incident management for fast resolutions.
Complete Workflow Automation
Automate mission-critical business processes with prebuilt templates and accelerators to accelerate deployment while avoiding spreadsheet-intensive processes. Also, harness the power of KPI-focused dashboards to accelerate deployment, integration, maintenance, and more.
Seamless SLA Management
Manage SLAs with a platform designed to adhere to ITIL best practices, ensuring that they are managed through the configuration of protocols, setting of rules, and monitoring of at-risk asset SLAs. Easily configure protocols, set rules, monitor at-risk asset SLAs, and get support for business hours and holidays.

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