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Replace Legacy VPN, Proxy Appliances, and VDI with a Single SaaS Security Service
The iboss Zero Trust SASE is a consolidated cloud security platform that replaces the capabilities of VPN, Proxy appliances, and VDI with next-gen ZTNA, Secure Access Service Edge, and Browser Isolation. By replacing legacy VPN with ZTNA, legacy proxy appliances with Secure Access Service Edge, and legacy VDI with Browser Isolation, the iboss Zero Trust SASE enables Network Administrators and Security Administrators to securely connect remote users to on-prem and cloud applications directly and securely with malware defense, compliance policies, Data Loss Prevention, CASB, and, logging applied to every transaction.
Security, Authorization & Access Controls
Provides CASB, Malware Defense and DLP Across All Users, Devices & Resources

Secure Access Service Edge

The most advanced SASE and Zero Trust platform that allows users to work from anywhere with fast and secure connections to all applications

Adaptive Access Policies

Provides Continuous Conditional Access to Apps, Data & Services

Criteria-Based Access Policies

Provides Role-Based Access to Sensitive Apps & Data

ChatGPT Risk Module

Monitors and Secures User ChatGPT Conversations

Malware Defense

Prevents Ransomware & Device Infections

Data Loss Prevention

Ensures Sensitive Information is not Lost

RBI and Browser Isolation

Provides Contractors, 3rd Parties & BYOD Secure Access to Resources

Application & Data Discovery
Clearly Understand What Needs Protection


Provides In-App Controls for Granular Access Decisions

Built-in Resource Catalog

Enables Classification of Protected Apps and Services

Asset & Device Catalog

Ensures Devices are Healthy, Compliant & Secure

Resource Labeling by Type & Security Objective

Enables Risk Assessments and Understanding Business Impact of Sensitive Resources

Automatic Resource Discovery & Classification

Reduces Overhead on Security Teams and Identifies Shadow IT

Federated Identity Provider Integration
Eliminates Unauthorized Users and Provides Role-Based Access Policies

SSO Identity Providers

Integrates with Identity Providers Including Azure AD, Okta, Ping, SAML, OIDC

Step-Up Authentication

Ensures the Right Level of Identity Confidence When Accessing Sensitive Resources

Group-Based Policies

Leverage Okta, Azure AD and SAML Providers to Simplify Creation & Management of Security Policies

SSO for Legacy Apps

Ensures Modern Authentication is Performed Even When Apps Do Not Support It

Supports Multiple Concurrent Identity Providers

Authenticate Users Across Multiple Domains

Alerting, Auditing, Logging & Reporting
Provides In-Depth Detailed Visibility For Security Teams Across All Users, Devices & Transactions

Detailed Logging and Reporting

Provides Visibility for Every Resource Transaction

Risk & Threat Reports

List Infected Devices & High Risk Users

Digital Experience Management

Provides Insights Into End-user Experience While Leveraging Business-critical SaaS Applications

Next-Gen Incident Dashboard

Monitor and Instantly Address Security Threats

ChatGPT Risk Module

Controlled Use of ChatGPT With Security and Monitoring

SIEM Integration

Ensures Logs Are Copied to External Databases

Ready To Get Best in Breed Cybersecurity